Conference location

The conference will take place on the National University Campus in Juriquilla Queretaro: Centro Cultural Universitario, UNAM Campus Juriquilla.

Juriquilla is a Suburban town 17 km from Downtown Queretaro and the public transportation between Juriquilla and the Downton is not very efficient. That is why we recommend to stay in the main hotel: Mission Juriquilla, which is 2 km from the UNAM Campus Juriquilla, Importantly, we will have constant transportation between the hotel Mission Juriquilla and the University campus.

To get from Queretaro Airport to the hotel Mission Juriquilla please take a taxi at the airport (28 km, about 15-20 USD).

To get from Mexico City to Queretaro please take a bus from the International Mexico City Airport to Queretaro City, ETN or Primera Plus are good bus companies (about 25-30 USD). This is a trip of 250 km that takes about 3 hours. Then take a taxi from the Bus station in Querétaro to the hotel Mission Juriquilla (16 km, about 8-10 USD).