Poster format

All participants with an accepted poster should prepare a printed poster, which details the Background, Methods, Results & Conclusions of the study.  You will be required to stand next to your poster during one of the two poster sessions on Monday or Tuesday.  You should have received an e-mail telling you which day you should present your poster.

Poster format

Posters must be printed in PORTRAIT format

(tall and narrow, NOT short and wide)

Posters should be a maximum size of 1.6m high x 1.1m wide.

(poster boards upon which the posters are hung are 1.8m x 1.6m).  

 POSTERS will be displayed on the Esplanade with Velarium in the Instituto de Neurobiología (see map on the Full Program). Poster grids will be numbered, and you can find the number for your poster in this program. An updated list will be available for both sessions. Please mount your posters by noon. We expect you to be present in front of your poster for at least one hour of the session.